Best DSLR Camera for YouTube Videos

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

YouTube is a tremendous exposure in the profile of videos. If you intend to be a successful You Tuber, then you need to have an excellent and standard camera for developing videos. Viewers have gone through a bulk of videos on YouTube on a daily basis; this is why now they are seeking for more. Best DSLR Camera for YouTube Videos is available in the market with a variety of traits plus variations in prices. These are versatile enough to craft excellent videos by little efforts indeed.

Five best DSLR cameras range for Youtubers.

Here is a list of five best cameras for the You Tubers so they may produce better stuff of videos for the audience. Let us see them one by one.

1. Sony DsCHX80

Sony DsCHX80

It is a secondary camera with beauty and work at a time. It is handy plus trendy as it is slim in size. It has super-resolution for providing the greatest results. It has elaborated 3-inches screen at the backside of the body. If the person is planning to make a vlog, then it may convert the screen into flips up and start acting in the forward-facing monitor shape.

It has a 30X optical lens zooming potency with the proper aid of autofocus and wide-angle lens balance. It is efficiently providing five-axis of angles to develop good quality of videos. The screen flips up and down to follow the monitor-facing as well.


  • Fixable 3-inch display
  • 30X lens zoom, 60 X video zoom
  • 5-axis picture balancer system
  • It has a wide-angle lens
  • OLED visible viewfinder
  • Locked autofocuses
  • Wi-FI and NFC adjusted


  • Video limit is 29 minutes only
  • Sensors are minor
  • Additional lenses cannot be availed

2. Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic is offering the 4k level of camera. It can shoot vivid videos of the 4k level as well. The robust image stabilization system is functional, and this is why professional clean is possible. It is a point and shoot camera which enhances the standards of the videos. The touch screen display is support during movie adjustments.

It has a variety of settings; this is why the ideal settings can be created to run the camera. It has low-light conditions. The optical zoom is up to 60X optical limit. Panasonic is supporting the idea even in the dim light as it enhances the internal body of the image. Beautiful tune settings are supportive as they control the movie control buttons at ease.


  • Able to shoot 4k videos
  • Supportive in 30X zoom
  • Big MOS sensor
  • Autofocus option available
  • USB charger support is functional
  • 20 mm elaborate lens angle
  • Video image balancing feature
  • Wi-FI connections functional


  • Additional lenses not functional
  • Adjusted and immovable screen
  • Only shoots 30 FPS via 4k

3. GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro HERO4 Black Edition Camera

It is also an excellent addition to the market. It is an action camera that can shoot 4k videos limit up to 30FPS. The resolution supremacy can be raised or lowered to with VGA and attractively create specific slow-motion videos at 240FPS. Direct connectivity to mobile devices is possible to upload the videos at a fast pace as they are done.

It can also work tremendously in low-light settings as it is having the feature of automatic adjustment mode for the light settings. Additional night time-lapse mode is available for the creation of transition shots at night as well as day time. It is also known as a remote-control camera. It’s WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity is fast, and it responds actively.


  • Shoot up to 4k
  • Varied resolution frames setting
  • Low-light video mode available
  • Waterproof till 40m
  • WI-FI plus Bluetooth support available


  • Screen missing
  • 4k power limits till 30 FPS

4.Nikon Coolpix B500

GoPro HERO4 Black Edition Camera

Nikon is offering plenty of features in a single product. It is a high definition camera with proper pushing buttons. It is giving a high definition of video quality. 4-axis image balancer is supporting it also.

Hand movement can be controlled as the camera has adjustable junctures. Zooming is managed in the buttons properly. 80 X zoom is available to maximize the beauty of science. Closer looks of the happenings are possible


  • Huge CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch vibration lessens
  • Autofocus power available
  • Full HD accessible
  • 40 X zoom to 80 X zoom option supportive available


  • 30 FPS limit of the frame
  • Low power microphone

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6

Here T6 is an excellent model from the house of Canon. They have automatic controls to streamline the projects. The 9-points system is an addition in the range. Image quality is above the mark. The resolution frame can be amended as per needs.

Special video effects can be created for the purpose. 4 + digital processor is supported to improve the quality of the videos internally. AF system supports the video ups and downs in the limits of camera control to produce a quality video.


  • Can shoot in HD
  • Can shoot 60FPS with high resolution
  • The mode dial is possible
  • Ergonomic design modifications
  • Wi-FI and NFC available
  • Optical viewfinder active mode available


  • Lacking port for an external microphone
  • No tilting in screen


Although there is a variety of cameras are available for You Tubers in the market. However, still, they seek for the Best DSLR Camera for YouTube Videos for being comfortable during video development. All and sundry want perfection in videos for uploading on YouTube. Above the mentioned range of cameras is a right addition to the plan of video development for YouTube, so one may choose any of them to be trustworthy as they are coming to you with multiple pros and minor cons, probably negligible disadvantages. YouTube is a competitive platform; this is why it asks for perfection in videos; you might get a better result if you employ any of the cameras from the above range. All these are user’s friendly items and are very easy to operate.



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